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Nurstaff Plus
108 Exchange Place Suite 110
Lafayette, Louisiana 70503
(337) 456-2740

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who pays the fee for your service? Is there a cost to me for gaining employment through your agency?

A: The fees are paid by the employer. There is no cost for an individual to sign up with NurStaff Plus.

Q: When applying with your agency, why do I have to sign a contract?

A: When you sign up with NurStaff Plus, you sign an employment contract. This contract does not prohibit an individual from seeking employment on their own; it only ensures that when you are sent on an interview through NurStaff Plus, if you are offered a position, you are bound by contract to accept the position through NurStaff Plus.

Q: If I sign a contract with your agency, am I bound to only seek employment through you?

A: No, as stated above, everyone is eligible to seek employment and accept a position on their own.

Q: If I get hired for a position, who am I employed by?
A: If a company hires you as a “direct hire”, you would immediately become that company’s employee, eligible for whatever benefits are offered by that facility. If you are hired by a company as a “temp to perm” employee, you are a contract employee of NurStaff Plus for a period of 520 working hours. After those hours are logged, you will then transition over to employment with the hiring facility, where you will then be eligible for their benefits.

Q: When do I get paid?
During a temp to perm assignment, employees are required to fax a signed timesheet on Fridays. Payroll is processed on Tuesday and mailed on Wednesdays of each week.


Q: Does your company carry workman’s compensation & liability insurance for their employees?
A: NurStaff Plus carries worker compensation and liability insurance on its employees until which time the employee transitions over to the hiring facility.

Q: What is your coverage territory?

A: NurStaff Plus is presently operating in Lafayette, but has placed employees in many of the surrounding towns.


Q: How much will it cost to hire an employee through NurStaff Plus?

A: The cost of each employee depends on the qualifications of each employee along with the hiring preference. On all direct hire employee, the client is billed a percentage of the estimated first years’ salary of the employee. On a temp to perm employee, a cost matrix is used to determine the hourly rate of the employee.

Q: Why should we hire an employee through NurStaff Plus?

A: NurStaff Plus saves you the cost of advertising for employees. We provide you screened, interviewed employees complete with reference checks, saving you from spending endless hours poring through résumés and making numerous phone calls. We also save you the cost of paying withholding, insurance benefits, workers comp and other costs associated with processing payroll.

Q: What happens if I don’t like an employee you provide?

A: NurStaff Plus offers a 90 day guarantee on your satisfaction of an employee provided through a temp to perm placement. If at any time during the initial 90 day period you are not satisfied with the performance of the employee, a replacement employee will be provided.